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Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night

I t still thrills me to read the endorsements by Gabriel Byrne, Philip Gross and Paula Meehan on the back of my poetry pamphlet, The Untethered Space. That thrill helped soothe me when things didn’t quite go according to plan as t he book was launched on Monday 1 st June. While sales have been brisk (more anon) it’s fair to say, Houston, we had a few problems. The advice we had before we went “Live” on Facebook was: Don’t position yourself near a window (we filmed it in the conservatory). Have your phone in landscape (we did, but the screen kept telling us to rotate, which we ignored. Result? For the first few minutes people were turning their laptops sideways). Check your phone is working (done, numerous times, but we kept getting the message storage was full). Have a backup plan (again, done, but we were too frazzled to upload the pre-recorded video). Never mind; I got to read a few poems from the collection in the end and people responded very posi